Meet the UNT SHPE Team!

About Us

Our Mission

SHPE empowers the Hispanic community to realize its greatest potential. We impact the world by allowing access to professional knowledge, supporting all who dream, developing education goals, and promoting the STEM based fields.

Our Values

SHPE has four main ideas we values.
Familia, Service, Learning, and Resilience.

Our Vision

SHPE's vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

what is shpe

SHPE as a whole, our goal is to create an impact on Hispanics in STEM throughout the nation. Student and professional members offer each other mentorship, and a vibrant community.

We value education and professional development which allows us to improve and learn from each others.

SHPE Region Map

The SHPE UNT chapter is part of SHPE Region 5.


"The purpose of SHPEtinas is to build a community that empowers women in STEM and help them navigate through a male-dominated work and learning environment while accomplishing their own goals. We have built a safe and encouraging environment that motivates women to do their best in their professional, academic, and personal life, while at the same time becoming the best version of themselves."

UNT SHPE tinas photo of group

Here at UNT SHPEtinas, our mission is: "We want to form a safe and empowering environment for every woman in STEM so that they get the proper resources and representation in the male-dominated STEM field.

UNT SHPEtinas chapter strives to help our SHPEtinas form strong bonds and friendships that will help us grow as young professionals, and will work hard to provide workshops, informational panels, and various activities to guide and teach our SHPEtinas how to navigate the professional world, as well as giving them tons of support!


Within the MentorSHPE program, we will have an experienced mentor provide honest guidance and advice to their mentee throughout the year. The goal for our program is to strive our mentees to enhance their professional growth.

What will having a Mentor offer to their Mentees?

  • Motivation
  • Advice
  • Direction
  • Support
  • Strive to Goals
  • Training
  • Coaching

Are there benefits in being a Mentor? Yes!

  • Wisdom and knowledge granter
  • Leadership skill building
  • Character development
  • Management and network soft-skills
  • Give back to your SHPE UNT Familia!


UNT SHPE junior photo of group

SHPE Jr. Chapters provide youth with opportunities to participate in hands-on STEM activities and members have the opportunity to attend the Pre-College Program.

Here at UNT SHPE, we works with students in grades 6-8 by engaging them in hands-on STEM activities and providing a national network of support. We acknowledges the need for early engagement in STEM activities and provides students with opportunities to participate in hands-on STEM activities. SHPE also changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.

Meet the 2022-23 UNT TEAM

Officer Team Photo

Executive Board

Chris-Gomez Profile Image

Chris Gomez

External Vice President

Bachelors in Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Diana-Gallegos-Castillo Profile Image

Diana Gallegos Castillo


Bachelors in Computer Science

Dominic-Carrillo Profile Image

Dominic Carrillo

Graduate Representative

PhD in Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Humberto-Romero Profile Image

Humberto Romero


Masters in Electical Engineering

Josh-Medrano Profile Image

Joshua Medrano

Internal Vice President

Bachelors in Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Raul-Vides Profile Image

Raul Vides

Public Relations

Bachelors in Electical Engineering

Ryan-Melon Profile Image

Ryan Melon


Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Technology


Cecila-Rodriguez Profile Image

Cecila Rodriguez

SHPE Social Chair

Bachelors in Mechanical and Energy Enginneering

Edwin-Soto-Villela Profile Image

Edwin Soto-Villela


Bachelors in Computer Science

Eunice-Batista Profile Image

Eunice Batista

Academic Chair

Bachelors in Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Fernanda-Padilla Profile Image

Fernanda Padilla

SHPEtinas Director

Bachelors in Construction Engineering

Jamie-Martinez Profile Image

Jaime Martinez

Athletic Director

Bachelors in Accounting

Jasmine-Ramirez Profile Image

Jasmine Ramirez

SHPE Junior

Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering

Ryan-Tijerina Profile Image

Ryan Tijerina

MentorSHPE Officer

Bachelors in Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Steven-Jamaica Profile Image

Steven Jamaica


Bachelors in Computer Science


Hector R. Siller Profile Image

Hector R. Siller


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