Dominic Carrillo

PhD in Computer Science and Computer Engineering


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It's trust and character I need around me. Who you choose to be around you, let you know who you are.

SHPE Position

Graduate Representative

About Me

Ph.D. student specializing in SLAM, Computer Vision, and Vehicle Control in the Connected Autonomous Vehicle lab under supervision of Dr. Qing Yang. However, as much time spent in the lab is same time spend talking to family.


  • Hometown - Midland, TX
  • B.S. Computer Science at Sul Ross State University
  • B.S. Mathematics at Sul Ross State University
  • First Generation Student


  • Preferred Coding Language in C++ and Python
  • Knowledgeable in ROS
  • Knows how to exit Vim

Current Career Interests

Developing SLAM system with Cooperative Perception in the Autonomous Vehicles field.

Future Goals

  • To complete my PhD degree before turning 30.
  • Publish an innovative work in the SLAM community.