Raul Vides

Bachelors in Electical Engineering

Email: Raul.vides2499@gmail.com

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“Variety is the spice of life” -Keith Brewer (my internship mentor)

SHPE Position

Public Relations

About Me

As a super senior in Electrical Engineering, I’m excited to serve SHPE as not only a Public Relations Officer, but I’m also excited to serve as a Vice RSR and hopefully develop the opportunity to set a great example among my community.


  • Hometown - Austin, TX
  • First GEneration Student
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Texas Advanced Computing Center Alumni


  • Verilog, Matlab, Python, C, LaTex
  • Excel, Revit, Fluent in English and Spanish, Intermediate French

Current Career Interests

Robotics, Hardware, and in Semiconductors.

Future Goals

  • Leave my chapter better than how I found it
  • Encourage 1 member to take an officer position
  • Work full-time after graduating